The Basque Country and the southern part of the region ‘Les Landes’ are a paradise for surfers. Along the Atlantic coastline one surf spot follows the next one. From Beach break in Anglet to Reef Break in Guethary, there is always a wave to surf regardless of tide, wind, swell and season.



Between Bidart and Guethary this wave breaks on a rocky plateau. Parlamentia can be surfed at all tides and any swells. It is well known by the locals for its straight line and length and works even at big swells. Favoured by long boarders it was once the playground of a certain Miki Dora…


Les Cavaliers / Anglet

One of the best beach breaks in southern France… the trough of this wave can be very strong. 

With the right swell fans of powerful barrels will fall in love with 'Les Cavaliers'.


Hossegor / Capbreton

The southern part of “Les Landes” is home of several beach breaks, which are among the best of Europe’s: La gravière, les culs nuls, Santocha etc... depending on the weather, our guide will drive you to the best tubes of “Les Landes”.

Zarautz - Mundaka / Spain

Spain’s northern coast is offering lots of little treasures which are waiting to be surfed by you . Less known than the French spots and therefore not as busy, these Spanish spots have their own charm – our guide will show them to you.

Without doubt Manduka is the best lefthander barrel of Europe. Come and see for yourself.

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