Become a part of our house and of our little family...

We like to share our way of life and our idea of  'well being' with you so your stay with us will become unforgettable.


Natural Movement 'MovNat' 

Our body is made to move but in our modern society it becomes more and immobile. Regain  the control over your body and its physical abilities: walking, running, climbing, lifting 

Be aware of your whole body and be prepared for a real life.

For our natural movements we use the surrounding environment: beaches, forests and lakes. No need for equipment, nature is our provider.

Your coach, Geoffrey is a level 2 MovNat certified trainer.

certified trainer.jpg



This martial art comes from Southern China and is influenced by buddhism. Discover the interplay of outer force (power, flexibility, balance, coordination..) and inner force (meditation, clarity, responsiveness...).  No previous knowledge necessary. 

A willingness to a diligent practice. 'Sao Lim' is literally the little forest in us which grows out of its own means. 


Ayurvedic Massages

Marko will introduce you to the wellbeing of Ayurvedic massages. Enjoy their relaxing, vitalizing and healing effects. In India Ayurveda is part of the traditional medicine and is an essential element  of daily life. Your muscles and your immunity will get reinvigorated while you will regain your body awareness.